A few years ago a new great brand appeared in Europe in the Premium Gin category, a distillate which, among other things, placed at the top of its class in the Netherlands for three consecutive years & to 2018 it was included in the portfolio of PGM. Its production company and PGM started their cooperation at the end of 2018, jointly aiming at its entry and consolidation in the Greek market.

We traveled to the distillery, we saw the production up close in all its stages, we tasted the quality, we met the production team, we listened and shared their dream. Respectively, the people of the company visited Greece, saw the places and the way we work, got to know the quality of our work, our plan & our team. We explained to them our development plan we had prepared on their behalf and the way we proposed to implement it.

We started based on mutual faith and trust & just two years later PGM has achieved 1000 9L cases! In fact, our cooperation is already expanding, since PGM undertook the distribution of this special premium dry gin in all the Balkans. And that's just one of our products.
Case Study