Sales Policy

Terms & Transactions:

  1. Orders:

a) «PGM Consulting S.M.P.C» will henceforth be called “the company” and any natural or legal person wishing to purchase any product or service of the company will be called “the buyer”.

b) By sending an order to the Company, the Buyer is considered to have accepted the general terms of this and all the terms of transactions.

c) The Company will make every effort to comply with any specified delivery date. However, it will not be held liable in any way by the untimely delivery for a reduction in price, modification, revision, or cancellation by the Customer of the order due to any delay in delivery.

d) The Buyer may not cancel or reprogram an order without the prior written consent of PGM Consulting S.M.P.C.

e) e) The courts of Athens are solely responsible for resolving any dispute over this transaction.

  1. Prices:

a) a) The prices included in the documents do not include any charges for insurance, transport and storage of any product.

b) b) Unless otherwise specified or agreed, the payment date is the one indicated on the sales receipt (ie day).

c) The payment by the Buyer with securities e.g. checks do not constitute payment of products up to the repayment of securities.

d) Delays in the payment of all or part of the value of the products are charged to the Buyer with default interest. In case it becomes necessary to file a lawsuit or issue a payment order in order to collect due amounts, the Buyer is charged with the fees of Lawyers and the court costs.

  1. Receipt & Delivery of Goods:

a) All shipments – shipments of the products are made from the warehouses of “PGM Consulting S.M.P.C”.

b) The transfer of ownership of the products to the Buyer takes place only with the full payment of their value to “PGM Consulting S.M.P.C”, until their repayment, the ownership of the products remains with the Company.

c) From the delivery of the products to the Carrier, the Buyer bears the risk of any damage or loss of the products.

d) Except in the case of warranty (as stated in the standard warranty of “PGM Consulting S.M.P.C”), in case of any loss, damage, destruction or theft of sold products which will occur after shipment from the warehouse of “PGM Consulting S.M.P.C ”, the company has no obligation to replace or repair a lost product, they have been damaged, damaged or stolen.

e) “PGM Consulting S.M.P.C” assumes no responsibility for delays in delivery due to force majeure or for other reasons unrelated to the Company’s direct control.

f) The transporter’s signature or the employee / agent of the Buyer on the consignment documents of PGM is accepted as proof of delivery by “PGM Consulting S.M.P.C”