Our Philosophy

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We offer products, services & support to gain the position and market share they deserve.

Offer to our customers the products, the services & the support they need to conquer the position and the market share they deserve.

The Company

PGM is an import and distribution company for branded FMCG products, founded in October 2015 in Athens. From 2017 until today, the company operates, among other things, as an exclusive distributor for a number of internationally renowned brands in Greece. With the aid of quality, high level of professionalism & innovation, we build relationships of consistency and trust, with respect to our suppliers, our customers and the end consumer. We strive to be the ones who create market developments. And let us all benefit from that. 
Since 2015, we have been evolving and developing together with our partners.

The successful team

The team spirit is what allows all of us PGM people to speak a common language, to believe, to support in practice, and to grow based on our shared values and common goals.


PGM people are different from each other but also visionaries, with more than 60 years of experience in the FMCG industry. Each of us has made a successful career in reputable companies in the industry & overall we have made all kinds of commercial deals on almost every continent of the world.
The people of PGM have, among other things, created and developed production lines, they have built successful multinational sales networks and they have set up distribution channels in the most incredible parts of the world.


A team of experienced professionals, which detects timely the valid trends & the pricing differences in the global market, in order to offer PGM and its customers the opportunity to take advantage of them. After all, the best way to predict the future is to lead the way.


The sales department consists of people with extensive experience in the field of alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages. Our clientele includes small and large wholesalers as well as liquor stores and mini-markets of the domestic market. The goal of the sales department is to build a relationship of trust between PGM and its partners, based on reliability, mutual benefit and prompt service. We are firmly and essentially by your side, supporting your development. We listen to your needs and desires and we suggest you each time the most appropriate and interesting way to respond.


Operating with flexibility, professional knowledge and creative – new ideas – the marketing department supports in practice the dynamic development and evolution of PGM. The people of the department control every creative aspect and activity of the company. From the smallest printed material up to advertising campaigns, we aim to train in-house & collaborate with the best marketers in the field.


PGM has an integrated Logistics department, including Tax & Customs Free Warehouse. Our constant concern is the on time delivery of the orders, considering the changing market conditions and the needs of our customers.
In the place of Two Pines of Aspropyrgos, are stored daily some of the best drink labels from around the world. Thanks to an advanced integrated management system, we are able to know and monitor every product that enters our warehouse at all times and in every detail.


PGM adapts to the demands of the time & invests in the future! A specialized team manages its digital presence through our new website, the Digital Sales platform, the social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin), E-mail marketing, SEO actions as well as specialized ERP and CRM programs. Through our overall digital presence, we managed to provide our customers with 24-hour Live information about the availability of our stock, the status of their order as well as the estimated day, time & place of delivery!